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  • Installing Docker Desktop on Windows 10 Home

    In today’s world of virtualization you are no longer limited to just having the ability to run other operating systems by using software that emulates all aspects of the hardware. You can now benefit from the built-in capabilities of your operating system and hardware and reduce the overhead to fully benefit from your hardware’s power and enjoy having more than one OS without unnecessary complexities. One way to achieve this is to use Docker Desktop on Windows 10 which no longer requires additional hypervisor software. To do it on the Home edition you still have to jump through a few more hoops.

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  • Installing WSL on Windows 10 without using Store

    For many developers the ideal environment to operate in is *nix system. It’s got all the necessary tooling, it allows automating everything easily using code/scripts most often than not portable across platforms and in many cases the actual server runtime for their applications is a *nix system, so using the same platform to run the application locally as on the server makes perfect sense.

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  • Codnos Ltd is now Crown Commercial Service Supplier

    We’re pleased to announce that starting on 1 October 2019 Codnos Ltd is now approved to provide services as part of Crown Commercial Service’s Digital Outcomes and Specialists 4.

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  • Twitter

    Hello World! We are now available on Twitter.

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