We are Codnos and we've been helping businesses realize their full potential since 2016. We believe in doing things the right way and using technological and methodology advances to create software that delivers on its promise.

Over the years of working for many organisations we've seen a lot of badly delivered software projects. Some of them were never delivered, leading to wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds. We knew that it is possible to create software that works well for its users without overpaying for it as we've been doing this for years. That's why we started Codnos, the company that has knowledge from personal experience of efficient code delivery.

We love creating software that does great things for our clients but we love even more seeing how working together helps them achieve their goals quicker, more efficiently, and get their organisation to the next level.


Our passion of turning pure ideas into something that actually works and provides value is what drives us. We want to help our customers understand their needs, create viable plan, validate it and turn it into a long term, strategic and future-proof solution. A lot of companies try to do that. What makes us different is our approach to your business. Not only we work with you to understand and deliver the software that you want us to help with. We become experts in your domain who can help you grow your business much further than software itself would.